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Twitch Emotes

1 Emote 23 € // 3 Emotes 60 €

Commission status: CLOSED until February

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General info

  • Please check out my previous artworks to get an insight about my art style and that it’s what you’re looking for before you commission.
  • No waiting lists. First come, first serve.
  • Finishing a commission usually takes around 1-2 months.
  • I reserve myself the right not to accept a commission.
  • For personal use only. No commercial use allowed. I retain all rights to the artwork.
  • I may upload the finished artwork on my social media accounts.

Additional costs

Extra characters
  • The prices above are for 1 character only.
  • Price for every additional character is 35€ per character.
Extra background
  • A simple background is included (solid coloured, textured, patterned).
  • If you want to have a more complex background, it will increase the price from 35€ upwards depending on the complexity.

How to commission

  • Message me via Social Media (Twitch, Twitter, Discord tiwicat#1412) with your ideas, references, and what type of commission you want.
  • Payment has to be done 100% after you approved the final sketch via PayPal in Euro. I’ll send you the PayPal address.
  • After starting with your commission you’ll receive sketches when you can still ask for changes.
  • When you approve the sketch, I’ll start with the colouring. Only colour changes can be made after this stage.
  • The finished illustration will be sent without watermark and in full size to you. Emotes are sent in their respective sizes.

What I do (not) draw

✅ Female & male characters

✅ Ecchi (NSFW)

✅ Gijinka (human characters with animal traits)

❌ Hentai

❌ Furry

❌ Mecha

❌ Too much gore

❌ Fanart without the consent of its copyright owner

Thank you for commissioning & supporting me!~ 🌸